In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Assalamu Alaikum wr.wb,

Brother and sister in Islam


Brothers and sisters who glorified by Allah,

many problems that need attention all of us to finish it. From the most minor to the major problems that all had been taught and reminded by Allah and his messenger. Through the instructions written in the Qur'an and Al Hadith.

Rasullulloh SAW has taught us in uniting people through the house of God (baitullah) for the first time that the action after he arrived in Medina (hijra) is to build baitullah or a mosque. This is where the Apostle of fostering people to complete.

Through this medium, We want to revive the spirit of his messenger in fostering community by uniting the houses of God dispersed the many millions on this earth. Where the house with each other can co-exist, and build on each other. so that there would not be God's house is empty when the Azan rang out, no more House-House of God which lack funds for development, and there would not be God's house is locked when the servant of God was tired on the way.
This struggle is not requiring a short time, but require the participation of all the congregation of Muslims and Muslimah. At some point in the future we will easily find our brothers outside the region through this medium. We will not confuse the land of people because we are going to open up this medium and found our brothers in the mosques that are ready to welcome him warmly
Good guidance and mercy of Allah Almighty always be poured upon us all.

Wassalamu Alaikum wr wb,

Baitullah organization